Trust Ez Electronic Recycling to be your partner in safely disposing of all your company's electric and electronic equipment and/or scrap. We can handle any size collection professionally and efficiently with urgent collections being given top priority. We offer data destruction services, giving you and your company peace of mind that all your confidential information will remain protected. A "Certificate of Safe Disposal" is issued for every collection we make.

Let us handle your asset disposals by providing a complete list, including barcodes, of all assets collected by us - in any table format you require

Request a collection online now and we will arrange a free collection thereafter.


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We Collect:

  1. Computers

  2. CRT Monitors

  3. Laptops

  4. LCD Monitors

  5. Photo Copiers / Printers

  6. Servers

  7. UPS Units / Batteries

  8. Computer Peripherals

  9. Electric cabling

  10. Etc. ... (Far to many to mention)

Unfortunately we do not collect the following:

Lighting Globes, Paper, Printer Cartridges, Raidioactive Devices, Smoke Detectors and Wood

Responsible recycling:

Responsible recycling is an important aspect of our company's mission. For this reason we are a member of the e-Waste Association of South Africa and an affiliate of the Southern African E-Waste Alliance to aid us in legislative compliance with e-waste disposal.