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About Ez Electronic Recycling

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About Us

Ez Electronic Recycling (Pty) Ltd makes recycling your electronic waste... well, easy! Trust us to be your partner for all your used electronic waste recycling needs including, but not limited to: servers, computers, laptops, UPS, batteries, cabling, monitors, televisions, etc. We handle everything from large corporate disposals to residential disposals, providing a "Certificate of Safe Disposal" with each collection. At your request, we can securely wipe all data from your hard drives and/or physically destroy them.


We respect the four R's - Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle. All of the equipment collected will be sorted for e-cycling and the balance sent for raw material separation.


Request a collection online now and we will arrange a free collection thereafter.


Request a Collection
How It Works
  1. Complete the Online Collection Request

  2. Free onsite collection will thereafter be arranged

  3. Free barcode scanning of assets collected - where requested

  4. Free data protection - where requested

  5. Free "Certificate of Safe Disposal" issued for each collection

Recycling - Effortless, Uncomplicated, Ez!


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