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Free Data Protection – We care about your privacy and therefore we offer a free data wiping process and/or hard drive destruction.

Free Barcode Scanning of Assets Collected - Where requested, we perform onsite serial number recording of all assets collected.

Free Onsite Collections - We collect your electronic waste from your premises at no charge to you!

Easy Online Collection Requests – Fill out our Online Collection Request and we will arrange collection of your electronic scrap.​

Why Choose Ez Electronic Recycling?
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Commercial and Residential Electronic Waste Collections in Gauteng

Trust Us For All Your Electronic Recycling Needs
Free onsite collections
Easy online collection requests
Electronic recycling
Computer recycling
Electronic recycling

Request a collection online now and we will arrange a free collection thereafter.


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Responsible recycling:

Responsible recycling is an important aspect of our company's mission. For this reason we are a member of the EPR Waste Association of South Africa to aid us in legislative compliance with e-waste disposal.

Unfortunately we do not collect the following:

CDs, Lighting Globes, Paper, Printer Cartridges, Radioactive Devices, Smoke Detectors, VHS Tapes, Alkaline Batteries and Wood.

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