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Trust Ez Electronic Recycling to be your partner in safely and responsibly disposing of your personal electric and electronic equipment and scrap. Small collections are consolidated and therefore a small waiting period may be experienced. However, we endeavor to make every collection as speedily as possible. Because of the costs involved with collections, we unfortunately do not pay for any electronic waste.

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Request a Collection

Request a collection online now and we will arrange a free collection thereafter.


We Collect:

  1. Computers

  2. CRT Monitors

  3. Laptops

  4. LCD Monitors

  5. Photo Copiers / Printers

  6. Servers

  7. UPS Units / Batteries

  8. Computer Peripherals

  9. Electric cabling

  10. Etc. ... (Far too many to mention)

Unfortunately we do not collect the following:

CDs, Lighting Globes, Paper, Printer Cartridges, Radioactive Devices, Smoke Detectors, VHS Tapes, Alkaline Batteries and Wood.

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