Trust Ez Electronic Recycling to be your partner in safely and responsibly disposing of your personal electric and electronic equipment and scrap. Small collections are consolidated and therefore a small waiting period may be experienced. However, we endeavor to make every collection as speedily as possible.

Request a Collection

Request a collection online now and we will arrange a free collection thereafter.


We Collect:

  1. Computers

  2. CRT Monitors

  3. Laptops

  4. LCD Monitors

  5. Photo Copiers / Printers

  6. Servers

  7. UPS Units / Batteries

  8. Computer Peripherals

  9. Electric cabling

  10. Etc. ... (Far to many to mention)

Unfortunately we do not collect the following:

Lighting Globes, Paper, Printer Cartridges, Raidioactive Devices, Smoke Detectors and Wood